As a child I always loved pretending. Pretending to live in magical worlds, to discover I had magical powers I had not known about before. I would go home at night and draw these worlds, bring the characters I met to life. These withdrawals were my treasure. I found them inside me and in the stories I loved.
And they are still a part of me today inspiring and enriching my creations.

My work can be described as dreamlike and quiet. It is tinkered with warm colors and a bunch of cute patterns and haptic textures, celebrating little moments and everyday wonders as well as rich kingdoms we all keep inside of us.
Still somehow anchored in reality the beings in my drawings tend to escape into dreamlike worlds, giving the viewer a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings. I am excited to explore these dream worlds through my work and offer a calm and visually pleasing gate for people to enter.

I have been working in the video game industry for three years before going independent and I now focus primarily on my own work. I enjoy doing some freelance work every now and then as well as exhibiting at gallery shows and conventions.


My work is supported by my wonderful and generous Patrons over at Patreon. Special thanks go to Pascal Witschi and Zoe Johnson.